Accounting workshops

  • 2017 Winter
    Date Name School Paper Title
    2017/12/04(Mon) Ilia Dichev Emory University Accrual Duration
    2017/12/06 Carlos Corona Carnegie Mellon University The Coordination Role of Stress Test Disclosure in Bank Risk
    2017/12/13 Susan Shu Boston College Crowd Wisdom or Rumor Mill? The Dual Role of Social Media

    Xiumin Martin

    Washington University in St. Louis

    Weak Creditor Rights and Insider Opportunism: Evidence from an Emerging Market

    Dr. Sean Cao

    Georgia State University

    Stock-Performance Goals in Executive Compensation Contracts and Management Earnings Guidance
    Christmas Day
    The first weekday after Christmas Day
    New Year's Day

    Dr. Lihong Liang

    Syracuse University

    Market Perceptions of the Informational and Comparability Effects of Fair Value Reporting for Tangible Assets: US and Cross-Country Evidence
    2018/01/15(Mon) Luzi Hail Wharton Do Risk Disclosures Matter When It Counts? Evidence from the Swiss Franc Shock
    2018/01/24(Wed) Prof. Mark Defond USC The Usefulness of Fair Value Accounting in Executive Compensation


    Lunar New Year's Day
    The second day of Lunar New Year
    The fourth day of Lunar New Year
  • 2017 Fall
    Date Name School Paper Title
    2017/09/13 Shuqing Luo National University of Singapore Lenders' Experience with Borrowers’ Major Customers and the Debt Contracting Demand for Accounting Conservatism
    2017/09/20 Yong Zhang Hong Kong Polytech University Direct Evidence on Earnings Used in Executive Compensation Performance Measurement
    2017/09/25 Michael Kimbrough University of Maryland The marginal coefficient: a new approach for identifying observation level sensitivities
    2017/09/27 Ke Na University of Hong Kong     Failure to Launch: The Effects of Cutting Advertising to Manage Earnings on the Maintenance of Trademarkscont
    2017/10/11 Brian Cadman University of Utah Investor Horizon and Commitment to Disclosure
    2017/10/13 Eric Yeung Cornell University On the Reliability, Informativeness, and Information Transfers of Recognized Customer-Related Intangibles
    2017/10/18 Jeroen Suijs Erasmus University Rotterdam On the intrinsic preference of public equity markets for short term investment opportunities
    2017/11/01 Bin Ke NUS Business School Mandatory Earnings Forecast Regulation and Stock Price Informativeness
    2017/11/23 Panos Patatoukas UC Berkeley Short-Sales Constraints and Aftermarket IPO Pricing: Evidence on Short Sellers as De Facto Gatekeepers
  • 2016 Winter - 2017 Summer
    Date Name School Paper Title
    2017/08/30 Bjorn Jorgensen LSE What a difference a day makes
    2017/08/21 Dr. Stefan Schantl The University of Melbourne Optimal Internal Control Regulation
    2017/06/21 Heather Li NTU MD&A Textual Similarity and Auditors
    2017/06/14 Eldar Maksymov Arizona State University Legal Disputes Against Independent Auditors:
    Insights from Prominent Attorneys
    2017/06/07 Chul W. Park University of Hong Kong CEO turnover, leadership vacuum, and stock market reactions
    2017/05/31 Yanju Liu SMU Corporate In-house Human Capital Investment in Accounting and Financial Reporting Quality


    Gilles Hilary Georgetown University Messaging without a Message: Executive Value and Social Media Activity
    2017/05/24 Michael Williamson
    Laura Wei Wang
    University of Illinois at Champagne Paper I:
    Managers’ Propensity to Acquire and Use Employee-Type Information in Their Decision to Tailor Controls

    Paper II:
    Incentivizing the Creative Process: From Initial Quantity to Eventual Creativity.
    2017/05/17 Liandong Zhang City University of Hong Kong Trade Secrets Law and Corporate Disclosure: Causal Evidence on the Proprietary Cost Hypothesis
    2017/04/26 Peter Demerjian University of Washington Why Inside Debt?
    2017/04/19 Naomi Soderstrom University of Melbourne Restatement of CSR Reports: Frequency, Magnitude and Determinants
    2017/04/13 Qiang Cheng Singapore Management University Executive Fiduciary Duty and Corporate Tax Avoidance:
    Evidence from a Delaware Case Ruling
    2017/04/05 Suil Pae Sungkyunkwan University Career Concerns, Financial Reporting Quality, and Efficiencies
    2017/02/24(F) Jan Bowens University of Amsterdam The Learning Effects of Targets
    2017/02/15 Patricia O'Brien University of Waterloo The Effect of Office-Level Factors on Audit Quality
    2017/01/20(F) Yun LOU HEC Paris Government Customers and Loan Contract Terms
    2017/01/18 Jospeh Gerakos Dartmouth Prediction versus inducement and the informational effciency of going concern opinions
  • 2016 Fall-Winter
    Date Name School Paper Title
    2016/12/15(Th) Frank Zhang Yale University Does financial reporting above or below the operating income matter to firms and investors? The case of investment income in China
    2016/12/7 Guochang Zhang University of Hong Kong An Economic-based Model of Financial Reporting: Designing the balance sheet and the income statement to serve investors’ need
    2016/12/2(F) Xu Jiang Duke University Optimal disclosure rule and efficient liquidation
    2016/11/16 Dan Simunic University of British Columbia Fixed Costs, Audit Production, and Audit Markets: Theory and Evidence
    2016/11/04 Yong Yu University of Texas at Austin Does fair value accounting provide more useful financial statements for banks than current GAAP accounting?
    2016/10/26 Gil Sadka University of Texas at Dallas Cross-sectional Dispersion, Expected Loan Losses, and Debt Cycles
    2016/10/19 Na Li Singapore Management University The Benefits of CFO to Corporate Information Environment: Evidence from CFO Gap
    2016/10/12 Frank Zhou The University of Pennsylvania The tale of silent dogs: Do stock prices fully reflect the implica􀆟on of news withholding?
    2016/10/05 Naffis Rahmann The University of Hong Kong Does the Information Content of Analyst Forecast Revisions Increase following Accounting Restatements?
    2016/09/07 Yangyang Chen Hong Kong Polytechnic University Weather-Induced Managerial Mood and Optimistic Earnings Forecasts
  • 2016 Spring-Summer
    Date Name School Paper Title
    2016/07/20 Frank Moers Maastricht University Organizational Design and Voluntary Disclosure: The Effect of Target Setting Quality on the Provision and Nature of Management Guidance
    2016/07/20 Isabella Grabner Maastricht University How to Mitigate Bias in Performance Evaluations: An Analysis of the Consequences of Supervisors' Evaluation Behavior
    2016/06/29 Eric Yeung Cornell University On the Association between Customer Power and Accounting Profitability: Collaboration or Rent Extraction?
    2016/06/15 Vicki Tang Georegetown University Wisdom of Crowds: Is Nonfinancial Information Disseminated on Twitter Informative about Future Fundamentals?
    2016/06/08 Eugene Soltes Harvard University Inside the Mind of the White-Collar Criminal
    2016/06/01 Michael Jung New York University Buy-Side Analysts and Earnings Conference Calls
    2016/05/18 Stan Markov Southern Methodist University Determinants and Consequences of Information Processing Delay: Evidence from Thomson Reuters Institutional Brokers' Estimate System
    2016/04/27 Yachang Zeng Nanyang Technological University Business Press Coverage and Management Earnings Guidance
    2016/04/20 Baohua Xin University of Toronto The Impact of Hard Information on Self-Dealing: Experimental Evidence
    2016/04/13 Thomas Bourveau Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Political Connections and Insider Trading
    2016/04/06 Chul Park The University of Hong Kong Voluntary Capex Guidance and Capital Investment Efficiency
    2016/03/02 Norio Sawabe Kyoto University Do Budgeting Practices Improve Financial Performance of SMEs in Japan?
  • 2015 Fall
    Date Name School Paper Title
    2015/12/16 Hong Xie University of Kentucky Cash Flow Management, Financial Reporting Quality, and Auditor Responses
    2015/12/15 Jing Li Carnegie Mellon University Lending Relationships and the Demand for Accounting Conservatism: Theory and Evidence
    2015/12/11 Yao Li Concordia University Tracking Analysts along the Technological Links
    2015/12/09 Julia Yu Nanyang Technological University Outside Director Social Netowrk Centrality and Turnover before Performance Crashes: A Friend in Need?
    2015/12/02 Travis Chow Singapore Management University Corporate In-house Human Capital Investment in Tax Planning
    2015/12/01 Kai Wai Hui Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Conservative Earnings News Release, Liquidity, and Cost of Equity
    2015/11/18 Agnes Cheng Hong Kong Polytechnic University Bowling Alone, Bowling Together: Is Social Capital Priced in Bank Loans?
    2015/11/11 Guochang Zhang Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Stock Price Pressure and Biased Management Forecasts: Evidence from Fire Sales and Purchases by Mutual Funds
    2015/11/04 Susie Qi Wang National University of Singapore Strategic Information Disclosure on Bank Lending
    2015/10/28 Zhaoyang Gu Chinese University of Hong Kong How does the Visible Hand Shape Cost Behavior? Evidence from China
    2015/10/20 Jim Frederickson Melbourne Business School Aggregate Earnings and Stock Market Returns: The Good, the Bad, and the State-Dependent
    2015/10/16 Ray Zhang University of British Columbia The Impact of Monitoring by Short Sellers on Auditor's Risk Assessment: A Cross-sectional Study
    2015/10/16 Derek Chan The University of Hong Kong The Impact of Monitoring by Short Sellers on Auditor's Risk Assessment: A Cross-sectional Study
    2015/10/16 Ke Na The University of Hong Kong The Effect of Accounting Flexbility on Intellectual Property
    2015/10/14 Hai Lu Singapore Management University & University of Toronto Green Disclosures? Social Media and Prosocial Behavior
    2015/10/09 Chris Van Staden AUT University The Influence of Culture on Corporate Governance and Ownership Structure in Determining CSR Disclosures: A Cross-country analysis
    2015/10/07 Dan Simunic University of British Columbia Transaction Costs and Competition among Audit Firms in Local Markets
    2015/09/23 Gary Biddle The University of Hong Kong Do Clawbacks Lower Capital Investment Efficiency?
    2015/09/16 Joe Piotroski Stanford Political Bias of Corporate News in China: Role of Commercialization and Conglomeration Reforms
    2015/08/19 Jin Xie The Chinese University of Hong Kong The Impact of Competition on Firm Transparency: A Study of Inflation Pass-Through