Accounting workshops

  • 2017 Fall
    Date Name School Paper Title
    2017/09/13 Shuqing Luo National University of Singapore Lenders' Experience with Borrowers’ Major Customers and the Debt Contracting Demand for Accounting Conservatism
    2017/09/20 Yong Zhang Hong Kong Polytech University Hong Kong Polytech University
    2017/09/25 Michael Kimbrough University of Maryland The marginal coefficient: a new approach for identifying observation level sensitivities
    2017/09/27 Ke Na University of Hong Kong     Failure to Launch: The Effects of Cutting Advertising to Manage Earnings on the Maintenance of Trademarkscont
    2017/10/11 Brian Cadman University of Utah Investor Horizon and Commitment to Disclosure
    2017/10/13 Eric Yeung Cornell University On the Reliability, Informativeness, and Information Transfers of Recognized Customer-Related Intangibles
    2017/10/18 Jeroen Suijs Erasmus University Rotterdam On the intrinsic preference of public equity markets for short term investment opportunities
    2017/11/01 Bin Ke NUS Business School Mandatory Earnings Forecast Regulation and Stock Price Informativeness
    2017/11/23 Panos Patatoukas UC Berkeley Short-Sales Constraints and Aftermarket IPO Pricing: Evidence on Short Sellers as De Facto Gatekeepers
  • 2016 Winter - 2017 Summer
    Date Name School Paper Title
    2017/08/30 Bjorn Jorgensen LSE What a difference a day makes
    2017/08/21 Dr. Stefan Schantl The University of Melbourne Optimal Internal Control Regulation
    2017/06/21 Heather Li NTU MD&A Textual Similarity and Auditors
    2017/06/14 Eldar Maksymov Arizona State University Legal Disputes Against Independent Auditors:
    Insights from Prominent Attorneys
    2017/06/07 Chul W. Park University of Hong Kong CEO turnover, leadership vacuum, and stock market reactions
    2017/05/31 Yanju Liu SMU Corporate In-house Human Capital Investment in Accounting and Financial Reporting Quality


    Gilles Hilary Georgetown University Messaging without a Message: Executive Value and Social Media Activity
    2017/05/24 Michael Williamson
    Laura Wei Wang
    University of Illinois at Champagne Paper I:
    Managers’ Propensity to Acquire and Use Employee-Type Information in Their Decision to Tailor Controls

    Paper II:
    Incentivizing the Creative Process: From Initial Quantity to Eventual Creativity.
    2017/05/17 Liandong Zhang City University of Hong Kong Trade Secrets Law and Corporate Disclosure: Causal Evidence on the Proprietary Cost Hypothesis
    2017/04/26 Peter Demerjian University of Washington Why Inside Debt?
    2017/04/19 Naomi Soderstrom University of Melbourne Restatement of CSR Reports: Frequency, Magnitude and Determinants
    2017/04/13 Qiang Cheng Singapore Management University Executive Fiduciary Duty and Corporate Tax Avoidance:
    Evidence from a Delaware Case Ruling
    2017/04/05 Suil Pae Sungkyunkwan University Career Concerns, Financial Reporting Quality, and Efficiencies
    2017/02/24(F) Jan Bowens University of Amsterdam The Learning Effects of Targets
    2017/02/15 Patricia O'Brien University of Waterloo The Effect of Office-Level Factors on Audit Quality
    2017/01/20(F) Yun LOU HEC Paris Government Customers and Loan Contract Terms
    2017/01/18 Jospeh Gerakos Dartmouth Prediction versus inducement and the informational effciency of going concern opinions
  • 2016 Fall-Winter
    Date Name School Paper Title
    2016/12/15(Th) Frank Zhang Yale University Does financial reporting above or below the operating income matter to firms and investors? The case of investment income in China
    2016/12/7 Guochang Zhang University of Hong Kong An Economic-based Model of Financial Reporting: Designing the balance sheet and the income statement to serve investors’ need
    2016/12/2(F) Xu Jiang Duke University Optimal disclosure rule and efficient liquidation
    2016/11/16 Dan Simunic University of British Columbia Fixed Costs, Audit Production, and Audit Markets: Theory and Evidence
    2016/11/04 Yong Yu University of Texas at Austin Does fair value accounting provide more useful financial statements for banks than current GAAP accounting?
    2016/10/26 Gil Sadka University of Texas at Dallas Cross-sectional Dispersion, Expected Loan Losses, and Debt Cycles
    2016/10/19 Na Li Singapore Management University The Benefits of CFO to Corporate Information Environment: Evidence from CFO Gap
    2016/10/12 Frank Zhou The University of Pennsylvania The tale of silent dogs: Do stock prices fully reflect the implica􀆟on of news withholding?
    2016/10/05 Naffis Rahmann The University of Hong Kong Does the Information Content of Analyst Forecast Revisions Increase following Accounting Restatements?
    2016/09/07 Yangyang Chen Hong Kong Polytechnic University Weather-Induced Managerial Mood and Optimistic Earnings Forecasts
  • 2016 Spring-Summer
    Date Name School Paper Title
    2016/07/20 Frank Moers Maastricht University Organizational Design and Voluntary Disclosure: The Effect of Target Setting Quality on the Provision and Nature of Management Guidance
    2016/07/20 Isabella Grabner Maastricht University How to Mitigate Bias in Performance Evaluations: An Analysis of the Consequences of Supervisors' Evaluation Behavior
    2016/06/29 Eric Yeung Cornell University On the Association between Customer Power and Accounting Profitability: Collaboration or Rent Extraction?
    2016/06/15 Vicki Tang Georegetown University Wisdom of Crowds: Is Nonfinancial Information Disseminated on Twitter Informative about Future Fundamentals?
    2016/06/08 Eugene Soltes Harvard University Inside the Mind of the White-Collar Criminal
    2016/06/01 Michael Jung New York University Buy-Side Analysts and Earnings Conference Calls
    2016/05/18 Stan Markov Southern Methodist University Determinants and Consequences of Information Processing Delay: Evidence from Thomson Reuters Institutional Brokers' Estimate System
    2016/04/27 Yachang Zeng Nanyang Technological University Business Press Coverage and Management Earnings Guidance
    2016/04/20 Baohua Xin University of Toronto The Impact of Hard Information on Self-Dealing: Experimental Evidence
    2016/04/13 Thomas Bourveau Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Political Connections and Insider Trading
    2016/04/06 Chul Park The University of Hong Kong Voluntary Capex Guidance and Capital Investment Efficiency
    2016/03/02 Norio Sawabe Kyoto University Do Budgeting Practices Improve Financial Performance of SMEs in Japan?
  • 2015 Fall
    Date Name School Paper Title
    2015/12/16 Hong Xie University of Kentucky Cash Flow Management, Financial Reporting Quality, and Auditor Responses
    2015/12/15 Jing Li Carnegie Mellon University Lending Relationships and the Demand for Accounting Conservatism: Theory and Evidence
    2015/12/11 Yao Li Concordia University Tracking Analysts along the Technological Links
    2015/12/09 Julia Yu Nanyang Technological University Outside Director Social Netowrk Centrality and Turnover before Performance Crashes: A Friend in Need?
    2015/12/02 Travis Chow Singapore Management University Corporate In-house Human Capital Investment in Tax Planning
    2015/12/01 Kai Wai Hui Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Conservative Earnings News Release, Liquidity, and Cost of Equity
    2015/11/18 Agnes Cheng Hong Kong Polytechnic University Bowling Alone, Bowling Together: Is Social Capital Priced in Bank Loans?
    2015/11/11 Guochang Zhang Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Stock Price Pressure and Biased Management Forecasts: Evidence from Fire Sales and Purchases by Mutual Funds
    2015/11/04 Susie Qi Wang National University of Singapore Strategic Information Disclosure on Bank Lending
    2015/10/28 Zhaoyang Gu Chinese University of Hong Kong How does the Visible Hand Shape Cost Behavior? Evidence from China
    2015/10/20 Jim Frederickson Melbourne Business School Aggregate Earnings and Stock Market Returns: The Good, the Bad, and the State-Dependent
    2015/10/16 Ray Zhang University of British Columbia The Impact of Monitoring by Short Sellers on Auditor's Risk Assessment: A Cross-sectional Study
    2015/10/16 Derek Chan The University of Hong Kong The Impact of Monitoring by Short Sellers on Auditor's Risk Assessment: A Cross-sectional Study
    2015/10/16 Ke Na The University of Hong Kong The Effect of Accounting Flexbility on Intellectual Property
    2015/10/14 Hai Lu Singapore Management University & University of Toronto Green Disclosures? Social Media and Prosocial Behavior
    2015/10/09 Chris Van Staden AUT University The Influence of Culture on Corporate Governance and Ownership Structure in Determining CSR Disclosures: A Cross-country analysis
    2015/10/07 Dan Simunic University of British Columbia Transaction Costs and Competition among Audit Firms in Local Markets
    2015/09/23 Gary Biddle The University of Hong Kong Do Clawbacks Lower Capital Investment Efficiency?
    2015/09/16 Joe Piotroski Stanford Political Bias of Corporate News in China: Role of Commercialization and Conglomeration Reforms
    2015/08/19 Jin Xie The Chinese University of Hong Kong The Impact of Competition on Firm Transparency: A Study of Inflation Pass-Through